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Park Canvass is an art and science project. Its purpose: to study the nature near me and present it to the world. Along the way, I will collaborate with other artists and scientists to accomplish and learn more than I could alone.

Current Canvass

Burnaby, British Columbia. This glacial lake was named by Col. Richard Moody (1813-1887), the founder of BC, after his secretary Robert Burnaby. [source]

This beautiful lake has over 10 km of walking and equestrian trails in and out of mixed forests, wetlands, and fields. Although surrounded by city roadways, it’s a quiet and expansive habitat for hundreds of kinds of animals and plants. This is what drew me to experience all these amazing living things more closely, using this project as a platform.

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Park Canvass

Park Canvass aims to explore nature through art and discovery. This is my personal project created to enjoy and learn more about art, natural science, and public presentation. I’m open to collaboration, so if you are an artist, scientist, nature lover, or a local, contact me!

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I’m Nelson, from the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. I’m interested in science, engineering, nature, photography, and music.

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